About US

TechSlate Limited's vision is to establish a mentor-driven digital platform program that advances careers in the IT industry. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive destination platform for individuals seeking to enhance their competencies in line with their career aspirations. Our program allows users to learn at their own pace and time, empowering them with applied learning that enhances their competitiveness in the job market and workplace. Our platform aims to improve career progression opportunities and increase the chances of securing new job positions or switching careers.


    We run each of our learning program as an Agile Program. Meaning all the Agile Ceremonies are conducted like Sprints, Sprint Planning, Retrospective Meetings, Standup meetings.


Digital Learning

TechSlate Limited is a digital platform program designed to facilitate career advancement in the IT industry. Our core mission is to provide individuals seeking to upskill their competencies in alignment with their career aspirations with a flexible and convenient learning environment.
Our program enables learners to improve their career progression opportunities, increase their chances of securing new employment, or even transition to a new career path. Through our applied learning approach, we empower users to become more competitive both in the workplace and the job market.